A Soft Rebrand: Brown Sugar Branding’s New Look

December 2019 | Featured, Studio News

Happy New Year People

The first month of the new decade is about to come to a close and I hope it’s been a successful glimpse of what’s to come for you.

It’s the time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and change which got me thinking of how I can improve Brown Sugar Branding. And in all honesty, there was a lot of room for improvement.

For those that don’t know, my studio is not even a year old yet. From when I first launched in May of 2019 to the end of the year I learned a tremendous amount about how to design better, network better, and what I need to take Brown Sugar Branding to the next level.

Which was why I spent the first part of December redesigning my website. Creating an actual services page, rethinking the booking page. I had light client work so I spent most of my time working on me.

But halfway through I realized I needed to take things a step further; I needed a new brand identity.

For the people who are new to the studio, Brown Sugar Branding used to be pink. It was the primary color used in pretty much everything and the overall vibe for the studio was feminine. And that’s because pink is my personal brand color. My resume is pink, my phone case is always pink (which is why I’ve nicknamed my phone Barbie), and if a product’s packaging is pink I’ll buy it regardless of what it is.

But with a 2020 goal to target a new type of clientele I needed to up the studio image.

Here’s a free branding tip: Your brand should feel like an extension of you.

And while I do love pink, I probably love clean branding even more. So I decided to completely rebrand with a fresh identity starting with the color palette and logo. Both taking only minutes to revamp. I went neutral with the color palette and I moved away from the feminine script font to a simple serif logo.

Fun Fact: The new color palette for Brown Sugar Branding is inspired by brown sugar. Seriously. I just Googled types of brown sugar and used an eyedropper tool to pick colors I’d like.

With the basics out of the way I then looked towards my website, which would need the biggest overhaul.

My original site had very little on it. A basic portfolio which acted as the home page, a landing page for people to download my services guide, and a booking page. That’s it. But I needed more information, my clients needed more information. The site didn’t show what I was capable of, it didn’t communicate what I did, nor did it entice people to book a consultation.

At the time of writing this blog my old site is still up and compared to this new look I have to say it’s very rudimentary.

But changing the layout and incorporating the new color palette wasn’t all that was needed. A new brand identity meant a new brand voice. The foremost important thing that needed improving was the site copy. It needed to be polished, mature, and still have a good personality. Copy can make or break a site, especially if it’s needed to persuade people to an action (aka booking a consultation).

I also needed an actual services page that explained my services in a thorough yet concise way, a seamless booking page, and updated images and graphics.

In total I probably spent 2 weeks, minimum 10 hours a day, working on this new site, but I couldn’t be happier. I’m always taking into consideration things that can improve the studio experience for clients. From adjusting my design process to creating new content that’ll be useful, every new change is for my clients.

Overall, this new look is simplistic yet highly engaging. But most importantly it perfectly summarizes what I’m capable of doing for you.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved Brown Sugar Branding, and if you are ready to make your business the best version of itself with distinctive web designs and carefully crafted brand identities click here to begin your project now.

Kiki 🖖🏾
Live long and prosper

A Soft Rebrand: Brown Sugar Branding’s New Look

December 31, 2019